Make Armember Elementor compatible


Just to give an advice: pay attention to reviews and fix Elementor compatibility

You have already 2 bad 1 star reviews on that underline this issue.

Every time I change the Content Access Rules, all the pages break.

Pages to be managed by Elementor come under the control of the classical editor. Going then to see the revisions to restore pages, all pages have a current revision number that does not exist and is much lower than the last revision number.

This issue happens when I change the content restriction from the general content restriction setting page.
When you change the restriction rules from the general restrict content page it will break your design, all the pages go under control of the Classic Editor, and you have to manually restore the page revisions from the Elementor editor one by one.

Otherwise, if you change content restriction from a single page, it won’t happen.

But this is a huuuuuuuge issue.

4 weeks ago

Hardik Chhatbar changed status to Complete

5 days ago

Hardik Chhatbar


Thank you for reporting the issue. This issue is already solved in the ARMember Lite plugin.


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