Export first and last name (or any custom field)


I was a bit surprised this is not default in this fantastic plugin.

But if you now export users, it doesn't export their first and last name or any custom field for that matter.

Would be great if each (custom) field (incl. the name in columns firstname, last name) also be exported. This way we can export and import users to our favorite third party mailer.

Thank you so much for considering this.

2 months ago

Hardik Chhatbar changed status to Complete

5 days ago

Hardik Chhatbar


ARMember does provide a facility to export member with first name, last name and with other custom fields too. From ARMember -> General Settings -> Import/Export page at "Export User" section, you can select the custom field from "Select meta (Custom Fields)" button and then click on "Ok". After that, export user data. That's it.


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J Sess

I think this is an essential function also for GDPR in Europe . Users oder Admins must make a Full Export from the data if the User wish this.

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