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Hi @all
nice update with the feature and roadmap list, especially when it gets the attention it deserves. i used a lot of different membership plugins since 2005 and almost all have it's pro's and cons. But cause of your great advertising, to be the best membership plugin i feel happy to help you with it ;-)

(1) Autoupgrade Membership after a specific
a) intervall
b) user do something

important! not only for paid membership plans, also for free plans.

(2) more Features for Divi

  • Long overdue, the shortcode library in the Divi text editor too. It's so stressful going to a separate page just to use it in Gutenberg to copy and paste things
  • not only Elementor (btw it's totally overrated anyway) is used by a big community and especially features to restrict different content types with different membership plans
Crema Style Group

11 months ago


Yes Right there must be an update especially for Divi

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