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Comments and multiple same plans

Hi, after using your ARmember plugin for a while, I thought about some improvements that you can implement in the future.
Comments: When assigning a new plan to the member, an extra text field would be useful to write a note. For example, if the plan is domain name renewal, we could write in the text field the name of the domain so when the member updates the subscription we can renew the specific domain in our register company.
Multiple same plans: Let's take the same example as above. The plan is Domain name Renewal. But the member may have 2,3...10 domains. As it is now, we cannot assign multiple same plans to the member but just one. So we have to create 10 different plans (domain 1, domain 2...) to assign all those subscriptions. Thanks, I hope all these make sense to your develppers.


11 months ago

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