Checkout Features for Improved User Experience

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We propose implementing two convenient features to enhance the checkout process

  • Terms and Conditions Acceptance: Introduce a tickbox at checkout to prompt users to accept our website's terms and conditions before completing their purchase. This ensures compliance and transparency in our transactions, fostering trust and accountability between our platform and users.

  • Add-Ons for Membership Plans: Introduce an extra add-on feature for users selecting membership plans, enabling them to customize their subscription by adding supplementary services. For instance, users opting for a membership plan including "Service A" can conveniently select "Service B" as an optional add-on, tailoring their experience to better suit their needs.
    Additionally, implementing a dynamic mailing system where administrators for Service A and Service B are automatically notified based on users' plans and add-on purchases. This ensures efficient management and personalized communication with our valued customers. These new features, provide a seamless and customizable checkout experience, tailored to each user's preferences.

Please refer to the attached document for an illustrative example showcasing Add-ons tailored to enhance Membership Plans.

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5 months ago

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